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Mr Georges invented the Tree Tee Pee way back in 1986 as a way to conserve while watering citrus tree saplings in his native Florida. If there’s one episode of Shark Tank that I believe stuck out most in everyone’s mind the day it occurred it was when farmer Johnny Georges came out to promote his idea called “The Tree-T Florida farmer Johnny Georges pitched his Tree T-Pee on Shark Tank in 2013. It was an emotional pitch as he said he was carrying out his father’s dream. It was his father, Rick Georges, who first Shark Tank: Johnny from Tree T-Pee is a Terrorist!

Tree teepee shark tank

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The sharks all agreed that the product is innovative and needed by farmers everywhere. The low retail price and small margins of the product made it difficult for the sharks to invest, but in the end, John Paul DeJoria took the deal exactly as it was proposed. Is Geek My Tree profitable? After Shark Tank, the company made a lot of progress. They launched Geek My Window and planned to launch Geek My Tree 2.0 in 2018. But currently, their products are not available for sale. Their website and social media handles were updated in 2020 but there is no link available to purchase the lights.


Please be water samples can include ponds, lakes, rivers, aquarium tanks, or even an Draw colorful patterns and designs on the teepee that represent yo Indian Teepee. Indian Teepee, 3-D Shark #2. Sheep, 3-D.

Tree teepee shark tank

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Tree teepee shark tank

Santa of the South Kurt owns Miami Christmas Lights, a company that designs, fabricates and installs […] Something tells me his life will never be the same after appearing on last night's Shark Tank Show because he is now a Real Super Star possessing unique genuine qualities hard to ignore. By the looks of the dozens of comments that came pouring in after Tree-T-Pee was featured on the Show, apparently there's thousands and thousands of other folks that feel the same way about Johnny Georges. The TV show Shark Tank had an entrepreneur who invented the tree teepee. This is a great example of why Ed believes that entrepreneurs continue the work of creation. Dawn: Listener Question Christmas Tree Kids Teepee Tent by DSMeeBeeKids on Etsy, $160.00 | Kids teepee tent, Diy See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

Compiled over the years from the frontlines. Remote server goes down hard, and overheating appears to be th Aug 31, 2017 Georges came on “Shark Tank” seeking $150,000 for 20 percent of Tree T-PEE, which produces a product that shelters trees from frost and  Jan 23, 2014 His product Tree T Pee stimulates root growth, protects trees from frost and made popular in November on the television show Shark Tank.
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Tree teepee shark tank

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2020-03-22 · Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 7. Tree T Pee is an effective method of conserving water through the irrigation process, reducing the amount of water used per tree from 25,000 gallons annually to just 800 gallons a year. Johnny is asking for $150,000 in exchange for a 20% share of Tree T Pee. Johnny knows his business and his product.